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Zanderm’s Vitiligo Holiday Gift Guide


Vitiligo can be fun, it can be artsy, and most importantly, there’s tons of awesome products and accessories out there that can appeal to people with it. From clothes to makeup and more, Zanderm takes a look at the top shopping items this year that would be perfect for someone with Vitiligo.


What better way to spread a positive message about Vitiligo than by rocking a t-shirt that speaks loud and proud. T-shirts are the perfect platform to speak your mind and show support. Here’s a few we found out there that quite frankly, are awesome!


[dropcap4]1[/dropcap4]Tough Skin T-Shirt – $29.95

This shirt is a classic baseball style with 3/4 sleeves and is available on for $29.95. It is most certainly loud and to the point, but is also fun!


[dropcap4]2[/dropcap4]Vitiligo Spirit – $25.55

This shirt spreads awareness that Vitiligo is not a disease, but a condition and only directly physically affects the person who has it. It also touches on the spiritual side of things, promoting courage and resilience. It is available on Zazzle for $25.55.


[dropcap4]3[/dropcap4]Bravelets – $36.00-70.00

Bravelets is an incredible non-profit organization that makes bracelets that help support various causes. are more than just something to wear on your wrist. They are a symbol of hope, strength, and courage. They have some really beautiful bracelets for Vitiligo on their site and 10% of each sale is donated to the American Vitiligo Research Foundation.


[dropcap4]4[/dropcap4]RedBubble – $2.00-32.00

RedBubble has an awesome selection of everything Vitiligo themed, from hats to pillows, to phone cases and more, they’re the perfect store to pick up something for the holidays. Shop now and get in on one of their sales while you can!

[dropcap4]5[/dropcap4]”Embracing Diversity” Bracelets

$20.00 for 10 or $35.00 for 20

Embracing Diversity bracelets are available to help raise Vitiligo awareness. What better way to help raise awareness than by advertising? The words “Embracing Diversity” are on the bracelets along with our website address

[dropcap4]6[/dropcap4]Zanderm Concealer Pen – $39.95


Our signature product is an applicator pen that instantly conceals and camouflages Vitiligo spots within a few easy strokes. It dries quickly, resulting in an enormous confidence boost. This natural, dermatologist- tested, cruelty-free product is made completely in the USA. Zanderm™ is hypoallergenic and gentle to use, making it a great way to manage vitiligo symptoms.

As the holidays approach, it is important to consider what they mean, gifts! Just kidding, this is a time to wind down the year, appreciate what you have, and spend time with family. We hope you have a great holiday season filled with joy and enjoy the gifts you do get! For more information on Zanderm and our history visit our About Us page!

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