Precision Applicator

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Instantly cover small vitiligo spots with our mess-free applicator.

Light Neutral
Light Nude
Light Honey
Light Tan
Medium Neutral
Medium Tan
Neutral Olive
Warm Tan
Warm Dark
Neutral Deep
Neutral Dark


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Dermatologist Tested & Approved

Made by Experts in the USA
Light Weight, Never Cakey

Need help shade matching? Ask our cosmetic specialists or try our sampler set

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A Match for Everyone!


Our light-weight formula is available to cover a wide range of skin-tones.

Our patented concealer is designed to work on all skin types.

A selection of before & after photos of real people with vitiligo. These images are not edited or manipulated.

Vitiligo Makeup & Cover

Reduce the appearance of your vitiligo with our precision applicator. Instantly camouflage your small vitiligo spots with just a few easy strokes. Our patented pen delivers just the right amount of color where you want it. The long lasting concealer is lightweight and dries quickly while staying breathable on your skin. Manage your vitiligo with quick and easy touch-ups that are hassle and mess-free, a great tool to have in your pocket.

  • Dermatologist Tested and Approved
  • Soothing Natural Astringent
  • Fragrance, Oil, Paraben & Silicone Free
  • Fast Drying & Long Lasting
  • Portable, Convenient, Discreet Applicator
  • Suitable for Everyone – Face & Body
  • 100% Vegan & Planet Friendly
  • Made in the USA
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Additional information

2.2ml / 0.07FL OZ


Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) water and natural grain alcohol, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), FD&C dyes and Phenoxyethanol.


Light Neutral, Light Nude, Light Honey, Light Tan, Medium Neutral, Medium Tan, Neutral Olive, Warm Tan, Warm Dark, Neutral Deep, Neutral Dark

Simple to Use


Instantly camouflage your vitiligo spots with just a few easy strokes.
Our patented products deliver just the right amount of color where you want it.

How to Apply


1. Remove all make-up, lotions, oils or moisturizers before using Zanderm.
2. Apply gently only onto the white spots you want to camouflage.
3. Zanderm works best with even light strokes.
4. Applying multiple layers will darken the color.

ProTip: Apply lightly to knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles as they absorb more color.
ProTip: Once Zanderm is dry on your skin you can apply moisturizers, lotions or regular makeup routine on top of the Zanderm color.
ProTip: Use a beauty blender sponge for smoother application.
ProTip: Great for touch ups and on the go.

Keep tightly closed when not in use.
Zanderm does not offer any SPF protection.


You should remove all makeup, lotions, oils or moisturizers


Try the different shades and find your closest match!


Enjoy your daily dose of confidence!

What makes Zanderm different?


It's not like heavy makeup concealers that you're used to ...
because its not makeup. ..... . you won't even remember you're wearing it.

You have to "undo" everything you know about makeup. We are NOT a makeup. Repeat. Zanderm is NOT a Makeup. We are a camouflage.

Think of us as the steps BEFORE you apply your makeup. We're that primer (without actually being a primer). Your skin must be clean, really clean - nothing on it before applying our product.

Instead of applying multiple layers of cosmetics to create that even skin - Zanderm is a 1-STEP-camouflage that easily fills in white spots.

Your choice what you want to do next:
1: Nothing - enjoy your camouflaged skin, Zanderm doesn't look or feel like makeup.
2: Wait a minute (literally our product dries in seconds) and apply your regular cosmetics over it without all that buildup for your flawless look.

Traditional concealers and foundations are:Heavy, Textured, Rubs off (on your clothing, linen etc), Clogs your pores and more.

Made With Only Simple Ingredients


Learn about our ingredients and why we chose them.

Hamamelis virginiana (witch-hazel)

A natural astringent anti irritant, and anti-inflammatory properties which have been proven to be highly beneficial. A powerful antioxidant that soothes, calms and restores skin without drying it out.
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) derives from sugar beet or sugar cane

Derived from sugar beets or cane sugar, this colour enhancing ingredient is commonly found in natural self-tanners. When Sugar Beets come into contact with the amino acids found in the skin’s surface, a nontoxic chemical reaction occurs resulting in a skin-browning effect. Sugar Beets creates an even, safe, natural looking tan.
FD&C Color (Food Coloring)

These color additives are widely found in beverages, desserts, processed vegetables, drugs, makeup, and other products.

Phenoxyethanol is an ingredient that serves as a safe preservative. It's it is used in most types of cosmetic products and is considered to be a safe and effective way to prevent contamination.

Real Reviews by Real People


We believe in creating skin camouflage makeup that is thoughtfully formulated to keep you feeling confident.

Dermatologist Tested and Approved


We follow international cosmetic guidelines to ensure that our products are safe to use on all skin types. Look your best without irritating your skin. Gentle enough for daily use and for multiple applications.


Cruelty Free


Clean Ingredients


Fragrance Free


Doesn't Clog Your Pores


Hypoallergenic formula


Light Weight

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Reviews (74)

74 reviews for Precision Applicator

  1. Megha Jaggi


  2. Safia Ali

    Neutral olive neutral dark neutral deep

  3. Cheryl Sanders

    I missed the bronze shade. Sorry that it was discontinued! The prefect match for me.

  4. Sharon

    I have the pen and it has been a life saver for me. I have vitiligo right on my face under my lower lip and very noticeable. I tried everything to cover the spot but nothing worked. Now I’ve been using this product and you can’t tell that the white spots are even there of course it took me a little to figure out how to apply but I know how to now. I love this pen!

    • Lisa

      Thank you for your feedback. We are so glad that you are loving the pen applicator!! It’s perfect for the smaller areas around the lips.

  5. M.

    In the beginning, I would like to thank you for following up with me and helping me through this journey. The product is very excellent. The embarrassment relief of Vitiligo has contributed to my hand. I wish you more development in your production.
    Because of the hot air in the Middle East and frequent sweating. I need to apply your product twice a day.
    Thank you again. You have restored myself calm and not embarrassed others.

  6. Steven F.

    I am actually dependent now on your product and this is the reason why I am still confident despite my skin condition. Thank you so much and more power to ZANDERM!!

  7. Emily L

    Zanderm Vitiligo Concealer has changed my relationship with my Vitiligo. It works better than anything I have ever tried, and I have had Vitiligo for the past 20 years. It covers and does not come off, perfectly blends, and they make sure you find the right shade. I cried the first time I used it. It’s worth the price and they give you super inexpensive samples to see if you like it and to get the color right.
    I’ll never use anything else.

  8. Lucy S.

    Try Zanderm, loads of colours to choose from, great coverage ( which stayed on while I swam!!! ) and great customer service

  9. Susan T

    I absolutely love your product! It finally gives me back confidence in my daily life since no one is curiously looking at me all the time.

  10. Annie

    I love the coverage and I use it once/day on a vitiligo spot on my face that is about the size of an apple

  11. Mya

    When will the light tan be back in stock?

    • Lisa

      We expect them back in stock within a few weeks. The Light Tan Wide applicator is available.

  12. Carol

    when will light tan be available again

    • Lisa

      We expect them back in stock within a few weeks. The Light Tan Wide applicator is available.

  13. Josie

    Are the sizes in the sampler smaller than one precision pen?

    • Lisa

      The sample set is our full size product. It is designed so you can test out three shades to see which shade works best for you.

  14. Praveen n h


    • Lisa

      Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your input.

  15. Almas Malik

    Hi. I’m new to discovering this product. I wanted to ask that do I have to start with the samplers or can I directly buy the precision applicator? Also, how long the samplers and applicator would last if I’m using them to cover only 2-3 little spots?

    • Lisa

      Hi, Thanks for your inquiry. We have a “help me find my shade” tool on our website where you can submit photos of your vitiligo affected areas and our cosmetic specialist will recommend the best shade for you. The 3pc sample set is suggested so you can see which shade works best before purchasing the regular priced applicators. Everyone is different so there is no exact answer as ro how long the applicator will last on you.

  16. Shahram

    I got home my magical applicators very quickly this time and I am very grateful!
    My life is not easy without Zanderm! Thank you for becoming part of it♥

    • Lisa

      Thank you Shahram! We are so glad that you are having success using Zanderm.

  17. Shaista Khan

    Very nice

  18. Sohail Ashraf

    I bought this product from a UK website called Extreme makeup. I have tried so many products to hide my vitiligo on my hands but nothing does it better than Zanderm. I swear you guys have made my life so much easier, I’m way more confident and I don’t have to worry about re applying for a few days.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this product :)

    • Lisa

      Hi Sohail,
      Wow, we are so glad that you have your confidence back! We appreciate your feedback and value you as a loyal customer. Thank you as well.

  19. imasamson

    Please can you provide me with information on the weight and dimensions of the 3 sampler packs. I need the information to arrange for shipping. Thanks

    • Lisa

      Thank you for your interest in the Zanderm product line. Zanderm is available in the UK at the following distributor:
      Extreme Makeup
      25 Station Road
      West Horndon, Brentwood
      Essex, United Kingdom CM13 3TL
      Phone: 01277 810101

  20. Aidyn

    Good morning,
    My name is Aidyn, I am from Almaty/Kazakhstan.
    I would like to know about Zanderm pen (Medium Neutral).
    Is there a delivery to Kazakhstan, How long will it take?
    Thanks, I will wait your feedback

    • Lisa

      Zanderm is available on our website We ship worldwide via DHL Express delivered to your door in 3-6 business days.

  21. Walaa M.

    I just want yo say thank you
    You products is amaaazing

    • Lisa

      We are so happy that you have found success using Zanderm!

  22. Deborah E.

    Thank you so much for sending the ‘Warm Tan’ Precision Pen out with the surprise bonus of the Zanderm applicator – it made my day!!!
    Love being part of the Zanderm family, especially having access to your products which help myself, and so many people around the world having Vitiligo.

    Much appreciated.
    Kind regards,

    • Lisa

      Thank you!! We value you as well.

  23. Shaxlo


    • Lisa

      Wow, we are so happy that you are successful using Zanderm!

  24. Nargiza


    • Lisa

      We are happy that the Light Tan shade is working well for you!

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