Top Rated Vitiligo Concealer

Vitiligo Makeup Camouflage & Concealer

Features & Benefits

Stress free

Zanderm dries quickly. Once applied Zanderm feels—and looks—just like your skin.


Look your best without irritating your skin. Zanderm is gentle enough for daily use and for multiple applications.

Made for Everyone

People all over the world should look and feel their best. Zanderm is designed to work on anyone’s skin. Feel free to use a little makeup on top of your Zanderm camouflage to create a flawless look.


Zanderm is sweat and smudge resistant giving you great coverage all day. Results vary from person to person.


Shake hands. Give hugs. Wear glasses. Dash through the rain. Zanderm has you covered.

Dermatologist Approved

Zanderm is loaded with natural ingredients with no oils, parabens, or silicone-based ingredients.


You don’t have to be a make-up expert to use Zanderm.


Zanderm is the only vitiligo camouflage you’ll ever need. You’ll never have to mix and match expensive camouflages or stage make-up products ever again. Each applicator covers plenty of skin.


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  • Precision Applicator

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Your product is the best I’ve tried so far it covers my facial spots and my knees quite nicely gives me a bit of better quality of life. Just have to get my biggest problem covered which is my hands and fingers. Really anxious for you to come up with a larger applicator making hands easier to cover.

  • Precision Applicator

    Rated 5 out of 5

    Ok, I ordered two sample color testers from Zanderm. There is only one shade for Caucasians such as myself, the Neutral Tan. I ordered the Golden Tan as well, but when I received it, it was obvious that it was more for Asian skin so I didn’t use it. The Neutral Tan went on dark with the applicator sponge, but I was able to use a wet washcloth to lighten it, then blend the edges with some more Zanderm. Not perfect but a really good overall effect, without the mess of spray tan. […] You can put Zanderm in your bag and use it on the go. I can’t tell you how miserable I have been at the gym, trying to juggle a bottle of spray tan, a mirror and q-tips, doing a cover up before going out. Or juggling a mirror and a tube of Brazilliance. What a PITA, I hate that, with nosy people staring like “what is she doing”? I usually do it in a bathroom stall to get some privacy. The Zanderm pen is a lot easier than that. All you need is the pen and a mirror and wet washcloth to make it work. So Zanderm definitely has it’s “up” sides.

  • Precision Applicator

    Rated 5 out of 5

    This product is amazing! It is very easy to apply and it matches my skin color. It lasted me 3 days before it started to wear off including going to the gym and sweating a lot. It is very easy to apply and best part is you don’t feel it on your face; as well as the appearance it’s as if there’s nothing on your face.

    Omar Ford

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