Vitiligo Makeup Camouflage & Concealer

Features & Benefits

Stress free

Enjoy the stress-free life. Once applied Zanderm feels—and looks—just like your skin. Zanderm dries quickly. That means you can apply Zanderm before you go out, and then stop thinking about it.


Look your best without irritating your skin. Zanderm is gentle enough for daily use and for multiple applications.

A Product for Everyone

People all over the world should look and feel their best. Zanderm is designed to work on anyone’s skin. You can apply makeup over Zanderm when desired or spare yourself the expense of a trip to the make-up counter.


Zanderm is designed to fade over days. Results may vary.


Shake hands. Give hugs. Wear glasses. Dash through the rain.

Dermatologist Tested and Approved

Zanderm is loaded with natural ingredients with no oils, parabens, or silicone-based ingredients.


You don’t have to be a make-up expert to use Zanderm. Gently apply the precision tip applicator over your skin until the affected area is all colored in. Anyone can use Zanderm effectively.


Zanderm is the only vitiligo camouflage you’ll ever need. You’ll never have to mix and match expensive camouflages or stage make-up products ever again. Each pen covers plenty of skin—maximizing the amount of value you receive from every applicator.


1000's of Satisfied Happy Returning Delighted Pleased Customers
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    I use 485 for my dark (olive) skin, and it blends perfectly! Since I have started using the vitligo makeup,…
    Shazaad Games
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    Thanks for this great option. So much better than layering makeup to camouflage depigmented areas.
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    I have tried many different products to try and cover Vitiligo on my face, with varying degrees of success. This…
    Joel Pinsky
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    Dear I am a 32 year old girl I have 20 years of vitiligo I would…
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    Hi Sonia, We would be happy to assist you with that. Please begin by sending our cosmetic specialist some…
  • Vitiligo Concealer Pen

    Hi Nicole, Thanks for your feedback. We are working on a new applicator that will be able to…

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