Vitiligo Makeup

Long lasting cover for vitiligo

Zanderm is a revolutionary unique camouflage lovingly made specifically for people with vitiligo. We created this unique Vitiligo Concealer as a practical and convenient way to camouflage white spots when compared to the traditional cosmetic solutions. With our fourteen unique shades, we offer a variety of applicators for a range of skin tones. Trusted & loved by 1000’s of satisfied clients.

Vitiligo Makeup | This Is My Vitiligo

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Vitiligo Concealer Starter Kit

An introductory experience to finding your shade.

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Wide Applicator

Easily conceals large patches with long lasting vitiligo camouflage.

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Precision Applicator

Instantly cover your small vitiligo spots with just a few easy strokes.

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“Unlike traditional makeup, this DHA-based formula will not easily smudge or wear off, and it can easily cover & hide white spots. Zanderm is perfect for the vast majority of those living with vitiligo.”


Yan Valle | Vitiligo Research Foundation

Top Rated Vitiligo Cover


Easy & Stress Free

You don’t have to be a make-up expert to use our quick drying formula. Once applied, it feels—and looks—just like your skin.


Fragrance, Oil, Paraben & Silicone Free. Look your best without irritating your skin. Gentle enough for daily use and for multiple applications.

Made for Everyone

Available in 14 shades to blend in to a wide range of skin-tones. Our patented vitiligo solution is designed to work on dry or oily skin too.


Our products are smudge resistant, giving you great coverage on your face & body all day. Results vary from person to person.


Our natural cosmetic will not stain clothing. Shake hands, give hugs, wear glasses or dash through the rain – Zanderm has you covered!

Dermatologist Approved

Leading specialists invested years of research to develop the best way to cover vitiligo. Recommended by doctors. Loved by vitiligans.


The only vitiligo cover you’ll ever need. Never mix and match expensive camouflages or stage make-up  again. Each applicator covers plenty of skin.

Made in the USA

Our products are designed, developed & made with 💜 love by a passionate team of experienced cosmetic specialists in the USA.

A Match for Everyone!


Our light-weight formula is available from the fairest to deepest shades covering a wide range of skin-tones. Our patented vitiligo concealer is designed to work on all skin types.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I find my color?

We have designed our color testers for that very purpose. Test the color in a small area. Shop Color Testers

How long does Zanderm last?

Every person’s skin is different. The color will fade naturally over a period of time.

How long will one applicator last?

A little bit of Zanderm goes a long way. It really depends on how large your area is to cover, and how often you use it.

Will I be able to use Zanderm with UVA light therapy?

Zanderm contains no SPF. We have had no reports of Zanderm interacting with UVA light therapy. If you have any concerns, we recommend consulting with your dermatologist.

Is Zanderm safe to use?

Zanderm’s gentle formula has been dermatologist tested and approved.

Does Zanderm protect you from the sun?

Zanderm does not offer any SPF protection. You can apply sunscreen right on top of Zanderm.

What if I don’t see a shade that matches my skin tones?

Zanderm is a camouflage and not a makeup. Please feel free to fill out the help me find my shade form, one of our cosmetic specialists will get back to you with color recommendations.

How to Cover Vitiligo


Preparation before application

Zanderm works best on dry skin. You should remove all makeup, lotions, oils or moisturizers before using Zanderm.

Tip: It’s a great tool to use along with the other applicators to touch up where the pigmented skin meets the vitiligo.
Tip: Some people find that they need different shades for different parts of their body.
Tip: Multiple layers will darken the color.

Zanderm Color Tester

  • Start with a test patch
  • Make sure skin is clean and dry for best results
  • Use applicator to draw a fine line or fill in a small spot
  • Use tissue to remove any excess solution

Zanderm Precision/Wide Applicator

  • Make sure skin is clean and dry for best results
  • Dab applicator gently to activate for the 1st time (Only for wide applicator)
  • Apply gently onto depigmented areas
  • Zanderm works best with smooth light strokes
  • Keep tightly closed when not in use

“I have tried many different products to try and cover Vitiligo on my face, with varying degrees of success. This product has the best skin match I have seen. It is convenient to apply. It has given me new confidence in dating. Customer service has been great without exception. Thank you Zanderm!”


Joel Pinsky | Confidence. Applied.