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Groundbreaking Book Offers Comprehensive Look at Vitiligo

Designated as National Vitiligo Awareness Month, June is a golden opportunity to increase vitiligo awareness and advocate for continued research, prevention and funding campaigns. But it isn’t just the general public that needs to be educated about this incurable disease that affects tens of millions of people throughout the world – vitiligo patients often find themselves confused about what their diagnoses mean and how to best deal with the patches and white spots that can pop up just about anywhere.

A Personal Journey

Yan Valle’s A No Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo is a practical 232 page guide to understanding vitiligo and the best treatment methods. Having developed vitiligo at age six, the CEO of the Vitiligo Research Foundation’s personal journey has included misdiagnoses, mistreatment and Valle’s own attempts to identify his own solutions. Delving into topics including early detection, links to other diseases, possible emotional and environmental factors, potential causes and a frank overview of treatments and their effectiveness, Valle gives an honest, comprehensive view of vitiligo culled from his own experiences and many years of exhaustive research.

Separating Fact from Fiction

The book explores common types of vitiligo, possible triggers and different types of treatments, emphasizing that not all vitiligo can or should be treated. Addressing instances of misdiagnosis and other potential errors, Valle tips readers off to common mistakes and what types of corrective action can be taken, in addition to giving readers a solid understanding of often confusing medical jargon. Vitiligo concealers, a highly effective product that can help patients cover up the patches that dot their skin, are also discussed thoroughly in A No Nonsense Guide to Vitiligo, with Valle sharing his trials of different camouflage make up products. From his initial experiments with conventional cosmetics, to an in-depth evaluation of liquid dyes, sunless tanning products and medical makeup, Valle lists the pros and cons of each option, giving high marks to DHA-based Zanderm for its effectiveness as a skin dye that offers hassle free, water resistant, smudge proof and long lasting vitiligo coverage for a wide variety of skin tones.

Concluding with an encouraging reminder to readers that increased self esteem and believing in themselves are the true keys to happiness, A No Nonsense Look at Vitiligo empowers vitiligo patients and their families to take control of their lives by responding to vitiligo with proper care, medical advice, a healthy diet and a trigger-free environment.

A No Nonsense Look at Vitiligo is available for purchase as a paperback or an e-book on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Smashwords.


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