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  1. abduljabbar 11 months ago

    Sir plze abut information about this give me call sir i am form india

  2. Jody Proper 10 months ago

    Hello. I am wondering about the Zanderm for Caucasians. I am pretty fair since I try like crazy to stay out of the sun because of my vitiligo but in Ohio it’s just starting to warm up and even though I try to stay out of the sun my white patches will start to be more prominent very soon :( All your choices that are available are for darker toned skin, by the looks of the pictures.

    Thank you.

    • Esther 7 months ago

      We are in the process of developing some lighter shades. Please sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you when the new shades are available!

  3. Shay 8 months ago

    Hi, can you tell me what color Shazaad is using in the video. My skin tone is similar to his and that’s what’s I would like to try. Thanks.

    • Sara 7 months ago

      Hi Shay,

      Shazaad is using shade 485.

  4. Kosta 7 months ago

    Hello, is your products are available in canada?

    • Sara 7 months ago

      Hi Kosta,
      Zanderm is available on our website. We ship world wide. It takes a few days to get it to you.

  5. Tammy Chemtob 7 months ago

    I read about your company in the Ami Magazine. I am a mother of a 25 year old girl who is a mom herself. She’s white, olive skin tone. Do you have a shade that would work on her or do you specialize in darker skin tones?

    • Sara 6 months ago

      Hi Tammy,

      Sorry for the delayed response, seems like your post got “lost”. You can email care@zanderm.com for help with our lightening techniques.

  6. john 5 months ago

    is your products are available in Moscow

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